Three Gorges Dam ship lift, technical equipment


  • Motor control and synchronisation via frequency converter
  • Medium voltage systems, emergency generator, lighting
  • Marine signalling system
  • Lifting height approx. 125 metres

Kiel-Holtenau locks: reor-ganisation of the energy supply


  • Inventory and preliminary design of the energy technology for the site
  • Control, monitoring and control technology, IT supply network
  • Uninterrupted power supply, diesel emergency power generation
  • Planning of energy-technical temporaries for the new construction of a lock

Kattwyk bridges modernisation and new construction


  • planning of the overall electrical engineering incl. construction supervision
  • lifting unit with 4 drives (200 kW each) in synchronisation
  • control of nautical and traffic engineering facilities
  • planning of the energy, earthing and lightning protection system

Niederfinow ship lift, new construction, techn. equipment


  • planning of all the electrical engineering
  • synchronisation control of 8 drives via frequency converter (approx. 2,000 kW)
  • medium voltage systems, low voltage distributions, emergency generator
  • lifting height approx. 38 metres

DriveCon electrical engineering and PLC programming

We are a planning office for electrical equipment based in Mainfrankenpark, near Dettelbach, Germany. We take over the planning and construction, development and programming of the associated automation solutions incl. the visualisation, implementation and maintenance of all kinds of electrical equipment. Our experience here ranges from building services to technical equipment for motorway bridges to industrial system and special machinery. One of our specialist fields, however, is electrical planning and software programming for large projects in hydraulic steel construction, i.e. for locks, boat lifts, weirs and movable bridges. Our second specialist field is the development and programming of automation solutions for special mechanical engineering and warehousing and logistics systems.


Working in these diverse fields of application has transformed us over the years into an established partner with detailed cross-industry knowledge of energy distributions, control systems and drive and safety technology. This combination sets us apart and forms the basis for our sophisticated professional solutions.

Geschäftsführung bei der gemeinsamen Arbeit.

Electro-technical systems and other services: what we offer our customers

We convince our customers with our quality and reliability by working in a customer-focussed manner, by developing continually and by searching for individual solutions for each project we work on, because each large technical system is unique. No matter whether you are planning a new building, an extension or a modernisation. We support you from the initial project idea, right through the conception and planning stage up to the final execution and commissioning. A comprehensive concept from a single source, developed by a team with long-term experience awaits you.


Electrical planning

From clarifying the task through to several planning phases to construction supervision – we deliver electrical planning from the initial idea to the completed system.


We are your experts for electrical planning based on the BIM method and guarantee the highest planning quality.

Electrical design

Our specialists work out which interfaces, cables, sensors, etc. are needed and prepare the drawings and plans.

Risk assessment

We perform a risk assessment for your system, minimise any risks to an acceptable level and by doing so increase safety.

Grid calculation

By performing a grid calculation, we analyse the current grid load and supply safety and determine any investments required.

Lighting calculation

We plan the lighting for your project, taking into account the lighting requirements and economic aspects.

Earthing planning

As experts, we ensure that your earthing system reliably protects you and is capable of facing all challenges.

Lightning protection planning

Internal and external lightning protection complement each other perfectly to create an effective system and protect people, buildings and technical equipment.

Construction supervision

We keep services, ongoing jobs, deadlines and costs in view and ensure that your project is implemented professionally.


Substation construction

Substations distribute electrical power and signals. We plan, design and deliver this "transport network" for your system. 

Electrical installation

We ensure that all your components are assembled professionally based on the electrical planning.

PLC programming

More than just zeroes and ones: we develop software for automating systems and for increasing their productivity and availability.


Anyone can draw colourful pictures. Visualisations help you to see all the parameters you need and keep your system under control.

Maintenance and service

We continue to be your point of contact even after your project is completed and perform maintenance to prevent system failures.

Hände deuten auf verschiedene Stellen eines Plans

Comprehensive concepts based on many years of experience

Sectors in which we work: this is our playground

Every project is unique and every sector has different needs and requirements – this is exactly what makes our work so exciting and spurs us on every day. We receive orders from both public contractors and industrial enterprises. This means that we are broadly based and can look back on a diverse range of project experience.

Hydraulic steel construction

We plan the electrical engineering for major projects worldwide making sure that locks, weirs, ship lifts, etc. function perfectly.

Bridge construction

Whether for rigid or mobile bridges – we are your first port of call for power supply and signal and control technology.

Mechanical engineering

With us, you receive everything from one source: including planning the electrical engineering work and programming the software to the visualisation for your machine.

Warehouse technology, materials handling, logistics

We automate and optimise your warehouse and logistics system using PLC programming.

Vier DriveCon-mitarbeiter besprechen sich vor dem Firmengebäude.

We have a wide range of capabilities and
can look back on many experiences

this sets us apart from the rest

We have made a name for ourselves as an engineering office for electrical engineering since being established in 2001 and have now grown to 20 employees. As a team, our mutual support, commitment, expertise and the fun we have at work sets us apart. In turn, our customers benefit from being serviced by a well-rehearsed team that works out the best solution for every challenge – both technically and economically.


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Firmensitz der DriveCon GmbH im Mainfrankenpark Dettelbach.