Hydraulic steel construction gives water a direction

Water is not just one of the most important sources of life, it is also key to the economy and energy production. Weirs protect areas of land from flooding, hydroelectric power stations generate renewable energy and impoundments make waterways usable. The advantage of the latter is that waterways are highly suited to transporting bulky goods and are extremely efficient economically.


Hydraulic steel construction structures like locks, weirs, boat lifts, dams, hydroelectric systems, ferry docks and movable bridges therefore fulfil important jobs. They move, hold back or cross huge volumes of water, which is why safety is such an important issue. What is also important is that these structures work flawlessly in all weathers and temperatures throughout the year.

Kaiserschleuse Bremerhaven

Our contribution: intelligent electrical design

We make sure that the electronics and control technology works perfectly. The basis for this is formed by the detailed and well-thought-out planning of the technical equipment. We incorporate our experience from other projects into the planning to achieve flawless results every time. For example, we already dimension the size of the cable routes during the planning phase to ensure that the routes are sufficiently large in size and number. This forward-thinking approach sets our employees apart and guarantees our customers fewer delays during the implementation phase.

Weir system with four weir fields

Cost savings thanks to our experience

When designing your power supply, we pay special attention to the cost-benefit factor. In particular cases like lock gates, very long distances have to be overcome and large consumers connected at different points and supplied with energy. Our aim is to achieve the best possible planning balance between the different load scenarios and the production costs. By drawing on our long-term experience in planning lock systems, we identify meaningful load scenarios so as to be able to size the components as small as possible. To calculate the transformer capacity and cables required, we also establish various conditions. Although this requires greater planning effort, it pays for the customer several times over because the production costs and ongoing costs end up lower than with conventional planning.

opening flood gate

Our services for you

Our comprehensive service for hydraulic steel construction projects always includes the earthing planning and preparation of lightning protection and over-voltage concepts to ensure that all the electrical components on-site are adequately protected. This means that if lightning strikes, malfunctioning or damage to the electrical systems does not occur. When planning all the equipment for the electrical system and energy supply, we also include the controls and drives for regulating the water, traffic, communication, security and signalling technology.

Kiel-Holtenau locks

Our services:

  • Planning and modernisation of electrical equipment and the power supply
  • Planning and consulting services
  • Dimensioning of cable trays in the planning phase
  • Consideration of different load scenarios
  • Planning and controlling of communication, security and signalling technology
  • Consideration and application of current regulations
  • Cost savings on manufacturing costs and running costs with intelligent planning
  • Planning, programming and commissioning of controls for floodgates, weir fields, ship lifts, etc.
  • Surge concept, earthing concept and lightning protection planning


Our know-how and creative approach put us in the perfect position to plan your system efficiently. Get to know us, work together with us and take advantage of our knowledge of the pitfalls and distinctive features that need to be taken into account in the electrical planning of hydraulic steel construction projects. We look forward to receiving your project enquiry on +49 9302 931 856 or by email at info@drivecon.de.

PLC programming projects we have completed:

Shipping locks

Bascule bridges

Pumping stations

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