Our service offering: maintenance and troubleshooting

"Woohoo, we did it!" is often the first thought we have as soon as a (major) project is completed. Once the system has been put into operation, everything is running smoothly, the system has been handed over to the customer and his employees have been trained, our workers leave the construction site. But our work does not stop there. The maintenance and service offering from DriveCon goes much further than that and is integrated into the concept right from the start.

Maintenance prevents system outages

We know that even the most modern electro-technical systems are incapable of satisfying our customers if they do not work reliably and fail. To make sure this does not happen, we guard against outages from the very beginning with a clean and professional electrical planning. We also offer regular maintenance following initial commissioning. This is performed by our specialist maintenance engineers and includes both the control and care of the system. Components that have almost reached their wear limit are located and repaired or replaced as a precaution by our experts. This ensures that sudden system failures are avoided and prevents the need for expensive repairs and (production) shut downs.


That simplifies the budget planning, because the costs for maintenance work can be scheduled at regular intervals. Since our engineers perform the work on-site at fixed intervals, downtimes are minimised and can be scheduled. The professional maintenance of electro-technical systems also uncovers dangerous deficiencies, and by doing so protects against electric shocks, overloads and surges and minimises the health risk for your employees. All DriveCon servicing and maintenance is logged so that you can prove that you comply with the regulations that apply.


Maintenance of electrical systems.

Troubleshooting acute disruptions

If a faults nevertheless occurs, our employees can be reached by telephone and can connect to your system over a VPN. Remote access of this nature guarantees short reaction times and provides immediate support and guidance to your personnel on-site. In combination with our employees' expertise, this guarantees the fastest possible error analysis and troubleshooting.

Checking an electrical system with a multimeter.

Our services at a glance:

  • Consideration of maintenance aspects in system design
  • Control and care of systems
  • Detection of existing defects
  • Replacement or expert repair of defective components
  • Purchase and installation of replacement parts
  • Regular on-site appointments to maintain systems
  • Creation of maintenance logs
  • Troubleshooting by phone
  • Troubleshooting over VPN


Think about the resilience of your system right at the beginning of your project and conclude service contracts to make sure regular maintenance is performed by our service personnel.

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