Electrical planning for all areas of electrical engineering

Are you planning a new building or want to modernise an electro-technical system? We support you as a competent and experienced partner. We cover different levels of electrical planning detail with our know-how. We plan our projects throughout Germany according to planning phases 1-9 of Sec. 55 of the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers: establishing the basis of the project; functional design; basic design; building planning permission applications; execution drawings; preparation of contracted award; assisting award process; project supervision; project control and documentation.


In the international project environment, these 9 phases are frequently summarised under the following terms: Conceptual Design, Basic Design, Detail Design and Construction Management. Whatever the case, we accompany your project from start to finish. We can offer you the following services:

From the project idea to the
complete draft

The first step involves clarifying the task and the requirements for the electrical system. Equally important, however, is that we perform an inventory and location analysis and determine the customer's cost expectations. We prepare a cost estimate based on this information. We also develop a concept that takes into account the needs and wishes of the customer. Over and above this, we examine alternative solutions and present them to you. Then we elaborate the preferred variant into an overall draft. The systems and system components required are defined, calculated, dimensioned and represented in a drawing. We also prepare a detailed cost overview to evaluate the costs, and we develop all the templates and documents required for a planning permission application and approval. If approval requirements exist, we adapt or supplement the planning documents, descriptions and calculations so that they are complete.

electrical planner on the computer

in call for tenders

During the next phase, we detail and work through the plans we have developed so far so that we end up with a set of plans which can be used to realise the project. We then create detailed descriptions of the services required based on this. We also carry out a workshop design, i.e. we prepare documents that are needed for realising the project on the construction site. We will also be more than happy to help you in awarding contracts to companies by examining and evaluating incoming offers and drafting proposals for awarding contracts.

Electrical engineering technician works on the computer

Construction management
and documentation

Construction supervision includes coordinating those who participate in the project and establishing and controlling a schedule. We also monitor the performance of the work on-site, document the construction process, verify invoices and are responsible for the cost control. Towards the end of the project, technical acceptance of the services and the issue of an acceptance recommendation takes place. In the last phase of the project, we perform a property inspection to identify any defects before the warranty claims expire. We monitor the rectification of these defects and are responsible for compiling the documentation.


desk with keyboard and planning documents

Our services at a glance:

  • Implementation of various planning phases
  • Consulting and project management by experienced personnel
  • Clean and professional electrical planning
  • Creation of a risk assessment, operating instructions and documentation in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Cooperation in partnership in all phases of work
  • Planning of the earthing and potential equalisation by a lightning and surge protection specialist
  • Grid calculations
  • Line sizing


Regardless of whether we are contracted to work on a new construction or the modernisation of an electrical system, we take over the complete electrical planning for your project. If you only need our support on some of the services described, then that is alright too. It goes without saying that the desired level of detail for the overall planning can be arranged before the project starts so that you get exactly what you need. Simply contact us with your project idea and we will take care of everything else..

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