Our lightning protection planning for your protection

When Zeus flexes his muscles, heavy thunderstorms and lightning are guaranteed. The damages caused by lightning can be significant, even if your building is not the point of impact but still nearby. Earthing the building and installing a lightning protection system will ensure you are safeguarded from the consequences of this act of nature and protects the people, buildings and technical equipment housed there. For that reason, do not put your safety or the safety of electrical equipment in just anyone’s hands and rely on our expertise.

Lightning protection at the highest level

We plan all the lightning protection systems we install based on lightning protection standard DIN EN 62305 and by doing so ensure that all the requisite protective measures for the corresponding lightning protection class are taken into account. Depending on the requirement or based on upstream risk management, our specialists select the most suitable planning procedure – the lightning sphere method, mesh method or protective angle method. This way, we guarantee detailed planning that is geared towards structural features, your specifications and all the applicable regulations.


Discussion between employees about a lightning protection concept.

External lightning protection and earthing:
protection from direct lightning strikes

Based on the results obtained, we plan the "external lightning protection" system consisting of termination systems, a discharge system and an earthing system. A lightning protection system planned by DriveCon impresses with its perfectly matched components and systems for capturing lightning, dissipating the current into the earth and distributing it without causing damage to the equipment or persons to be protected. This means that our systems offer protection against lightning strikes that hit a building directly and prevent fires.


An earthing system fulfils several essential functions that are described exactly here. As already indicated, this is required for earthing the lightning protection system, amongst other things. Accurate planning and dimensioning of the earthing system is important in this context. If mistakes are made here, the lightning current cannot be conducted directly into the earth. Instead, it can lead to uncontrolled flashovers inside the building and cause enormous damage as a result. Professionally planned installation by our experts reduces this risk to a minimum. However, external lightning protection alone does not prevent the electrical systems inside a building getting damaged. It needs to be supplemented by internal lightning protection indoors.


External lightning protection on a roof.

Internal lightning protection:
protects against indirect lightning strices and critical electrical oberload

The internal lightning protection systems we plan include all measures required for protecting the electrical equipment in a building from the effects of lightning current. This is primarily required when the building is hit by lightning, and secondarily when lightning strikes in an area of up to 1.5 km away.


The central instruments for internal lightning protection that we mainly use are lightning protection potential equalisation and over-voltage protection. The latter is becoming increasingly important, because even in "normal" households more and more electrical appliances and devices are being used, all of which need protecting from excessive voltages.



Lightning protection plan

Our services at a glance:

  • Planning of all lightning protection systems
  • Determination of the lightning protection class through a risk assessment according to DIN EN 62305-2
  • Use of the lightning sphere method, mesh method and protective angle method
  • Individual planning and solution finding – Consideration of local conditions and specifications
  • Calculation of termination and discharging equipment
  • Calculation of separation distances in accordance with DIN EN 62305-3
  • Planning and dimensioning of the earthing system
  • Measures for potential equalisation and surge protection
  • Documentation

Our lightning protection experts deliver expertise and experience from a wide variety of bridge and hydraulic steel construction projects. We can also plan earthing and lightning protection systems for your industrial, residential or commercial building. We are highly familiar with planning new systems as well as conversions and extensions to existing systems. We are happy to face the challenge of standardising existing systems and new components, while at the same time raising and updating safety standards. Whatever the case, we are your first port of call for functional, professional and cost-effective earthing and lightning protection planning

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