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Light determines our daily routine and influences whether and how well we can see something. A sophisticated lighting concept also helps you to spot dangers that might trip you up and thus prevents accidents from occurring. In the production environment, it increases employee motivation and contributes to employee well-being.


The higher the level of illumination and the more lighting used, the higher the consumption of energy and hence the financial outlay. This "balancing act" does not represent a problem for us, but we see it as an exciting task. We plan the lighting for your project taking into account the workplace lighting requirement as well as economic aspects.

General conditions
and requirements

The first step in a lighting calculation involves analysing the area to be illuminated. Individual rooms and spaces, such as production halls or large outdoor areas, have different requirements. We analyse and evaluate the lighting requirement depending on the local conditions. We also take the type of work performed in the specific workplace into account. Rooms for small-scale installation work, for example, require a higher level of lighting, as do parking spaces or footpaths in outdoor areas. With the right lighting, your employees can do their work without straining their eyes too much.

Finger points to a plan, set square and ballpoint pen lie next to it

Our experience

Our specialist experts unify knowledge about lighting with technical know-how and experience in the field of lighting calculations. We have already successfully completed numerous projects, especially in the area of bridge building and hydraulic steel construction. In the case of outer harbours and outdoor locks facilities, it is important that ships approaching at night are not dazzled and that ships putting out to sea should not sail out into complete darkness. Our detailed lighting concepts meet these and other requirements and make sure that your eyes can slowly get used to the changing lighting conditions.


In case you are now thinking that we can "only" plan and calculate the lighting for locks and bridges, you are far from the truth. Our portfolio of services also includes lighting calculations for residential buildings, office buildings, production halls and outdoor facilities. Whatever the case, we use state-of-the-art software for our planning and calculation work. We also guarantee compliance with current standards and regulations such as DIN EN 12464 Part 1 and 2.


Employees at work developing a lighting concept.

Our services at a glance:

  • Analysis of the local conditions
  • Determination of lighting requirement
  • Lighting selection
  • Considerations for the arrangement of luminaires
  • Lighting calculations for rooms, buildings and outdoor spaces
  • Consideration of the energy requirements
  • Daylight and presence-dependent control
  • Compliance with standards and regulations such as DIN EN 12464 Part 1 and 2
  • Visualisation and documentation


Are you planning to modernise your lighting or install a new electrical system? Then we are your first port of call for professional lighting calculations. We incorporate the calculation results into the grid calculation and take it into account in the electrical design. In doing so, we ensure you get everything from one source: from the electrical planning incl. the lighting calculation and grid calculation through to the electrical construction to construction of switchgear required. Contact us today!


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