Grid calculation: the basis of any power supply

All of us use electricity every day, but only a few of us think about electricity grids and the supply of electricity. This suddenly becomes relevant once you have an electro-technical system in place. Without a sophisticated power supply system, both the safe supply of electricity and general safety are at risk. The latter can be the case when a fire breaks out due to over-voltage, for example. A grid calculation is an essential part of every DriveCon project to make sure that the electricity flows as planned and all components are sufficiently dimensioned.

Existing systems:
determination of the current status

As part of the grid calculation, we can check whether your existing power grid meets the requirements of the current state of the art and update any existing simulation of your power grid. Within the scope of the network calculation, we update the simulations for your energy grid. Through an extensive inventory and precise analysis, we determine all the data required for the grid calculation for existing systems. We place great value on verifying the current status of the grid early on. This often allows us to discover weak spots, especially in existing electrical systems and grids. For our engineers, this makes the grid calculation an important tool for verifying the feasibility of expanding the system. It also helps us to play through potential scenarios for different levels of grid utilisation and find the best possible solution for you.


Don't want an evaluation of your complete system, but would like to operate an additional machine or system using the existing power grid? In this case, we will be happy to review the general conditions you specify to us and develop a concept for the supply of power to the new part of the system.


In both cases, the data gathered forms the basis for the assessment of the existing power supply grid, the requisite investments and the further planning of the electrical engineering.

Finger points to a plan, triangular ruler lies next to it.

New systems:
planning the electrical engineering from the start

With the planning of a new technical system, we take over the planning of the electrical engineering from the original idea right up to final execution. Matching and calculating all the components needed for a reliable power supply is one of our strengths. In doing so, it goes without saying that we take the wishes of our customers into account and at their request plan the grid so that, for instance, sufficient capacity is available for later expansion.

Diagram of a network calculation and single-pole circuit diagram on computer screens.

and analyses

In principle, all the components in a grid need to be designed and dimensioned in such a way that they can withstand the maximum operating currents that occur under certain installation conditions. Furthermore, all cables must be designed for overload, short circuit and voltage drop. These three parameters influence each other respectively, which results in complex calculations for which we use modern calculation programs. Amongst other things, we use them to perform a load flow analysis, calculate short-circuit currents, determine utilisation levels for the components and verify the selectivity of protective devices. Our technical staff interpret the results and make any suggestions for necessary improvement measures. This results in a clear graphical representation of your entire grid structure and a grid calculation according to applicable DIN VDE regulations.

Agreement between two employees for a network calculation.

Our services at a glance:

  • Inventory documentation and graphical representation of the power supply network
  • Determination of critical sections
  • Representation of power reserves
  • Analysis of network and supply security
  • Load flow analysis
  • Network node calculation
  • Short-circuit current calculation
  • Selectivity analysis
  • Voltage drop calculation
  • Current-carrying capacity
  • Protection against overloading
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Protection against electric shocks through disconnection
  • Interpretation of results
  • Suggestions for network optimisation

Our employees have years of experience and know what to look for in a grid calculation. This make us the perfect port of call for your network calculations – whether for a newly planned system or an existing power grid.

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