Construction supervision – we ensure the successful implementation of your project

The first big step has been taken with the completion of the planning phase for a major project. This is followed by the tendering phase with subsequent realisation. For the customer, the latter is even more intensive when it comes to time and personnel. To make sure that you, the customer, do not have to review the work and invoicing yourself, we offer you our support as a competent partner for the construction supervision of the technical equipment.


In recent years, we have succeeded in making a name for ourselves in the area of construction supervision by completing numerous major hydraulic steel construction projects. Our service: we provide you with a full range of support, clarify any questions and advise you on all important decisions.

Project supervision

As a customer, you want your project to meet your expectations and be realised as planned. This also includes compliance with the pertinent regulations and the permits applied for. As the connecting link between you and the contractor, we excel with our organisational talent and experience in dealing with people and make sure your project is implemented professionally. In construction meetings, we agree on the up-and-coming work with the other trades with regard to the construction schedule so that a smooth implementation can be guaranteed while incorporating time-saving aspects. We also document the entire construction process for our own trades in a construction diary. We attach particular importance to this document being complete so that we can reconstruct the actual process later on and know who was on the construction site when and what work was carried out.


Another key point in our projects is cost management. It often happens that circumstances change, thus forcing the implementation to deviate from the planning. We assess whether the additional costs for materials and work hours are justified, control invoices and keep track of past costs. We also provide support for activity and function testing, investigate the services provided for defects, monitor their elimination and prepare acceptance reports. In addition, limitation periods are listed, documents such as overview and circuit diagrams are checked for completeness, and all the electrical engineering papers are compiled in the form of documentation and handed over to the customer.


Meeting in the construction site container

Comprehensive range of services

In addition to the scope of services mentioned above, we also like to take on the following jobs: plan reviews, earthing acceptance and advisory and customer support in all questions and concerns.


Employee points to a plan with a ballpoint pen, construction office in the background.

Our services at a glance:

  • Construction and compliance monitoring
  • Coordination with other trades
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Cost monitoring incl. site measuring verifications and supplement appraisals
  • Predictive problem identification
  • Preparation and participation in acceptances/functional tests
  • Compilation and handover of the requisite documentation
  • Planning reviews
  • Earthing acceptances
  • Consultation and support

No construction project is like any other and individual factors need to be taken into consideration and coordinated for every project. We monitor and document all the work on site, perform inspections and make sure deadlines and budgets are met. Benefit from the professional and reliable work of our employees and commission us with the supervision of your construction project so that it is implemented exactly according to your ideas.


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