Functionally reliable substations

Substations distribute electrical energy and therefore form the heart of every electrical installation as a central element of electrical equipment and controls. Quality and functional reliability therefore play an important role here. Availability is also crucial to guaranteeing a reliable power supply and ensuring the continuous operation of the system.

Construction of substations

In addition to taking over the electrical planning and design, we also provide you with the complete electrical installation and delivery of the substations required. Areas of use vary and range from energy distribution through to communications engineering, communications technology and information technology right up to control cabinets. The latter are used in control, automation and system engineering as well as for electrical measurement, control and regulation activities (EMCR activities). Complex substations, distributed over several buildings and with components from all the application areas mentioned, also belong to our portfolio of services.


At our company you do not receive an off-the-peg product, but a system that is tailored to your needs and the functions required. We place great value on high-quality components and production and commissioning by experienced specialists. We also guarantee structured system design to simplify error analysis and services. These DriveCon-specific competencies are complemented by cooperations with strong manufacturing partners. You can also rest assured that the switchgear is state-of-the-art, manufactured according to applicable standards and regulations and verified by declarations of conformity and manufacturers' declarations. It goes without saying that you receive detailed documentation including current planning sets and operating instructions for built-in devices.




Measuring the electrical voltage on a PLC with a multimeter.

Software programming
for integrated controls

Many of the control cabinets we plan have PLC technology built in. This makes wiring the inputs and outputs with sensors and actuators an important step in installing the switchgear at your site. In order to control the individual components, a software programme is needed which our team of PLC programmers creates according to your ideas especially for your application. Finally, we take care of the installation, commissioning and functional testing of the system as well as the maintenance of the drive components.


programmable logic controller

Our services at a glance:

  • Technical consulting, planning and conception
  • Preparation of circuit diagrams
  • Project planning
  • Construction of the switchgear and cabinets
  • Software programming
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Documentation

Does one of your systems no longer meet the current safety standards or has it not been in use for a long time? We also support you when it comes to the modernisation of existing systems. Contact us today and we will find a solution for your enquiry!

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