Bridges connect land and people

Bridges, whether stationary or movable, are masterpieces of civil engineering, but also have a highly complex technical interior life. Amongst other things, this consists of the power supply, sensors and signal and control technology.

Lift bridge Plau am See

Fixed bridges cannot be built without the electrical engineering

"Rigid" bridges from the perspective of electrical engineering are less expensive than moving bridges. Nevertheless, they should not be underestimated. Our experience on numerous projects puts us in a perfect position to know the tiny stumbling blocks and avoid them in time. We have experience and know what special features to look out for, especially in the planning of cable trays and track cables. We are also very familiar with the earthing and lightning protection in such constructions and will be glad to create a suitable concept for your construction project.

A3 motorway, Heidungsfeld valley bridge

Electrical engineering for movable bridges

Lift bridges, bascule bridges, swivel bridges and folding bridges are amongst the types of movable bridges to be found. Their reliability is crucial to making sure that traffic is affected as little as possible. Within the scope of the electrical planning and even before the software programming stage, we develop an availability concept so that small errors within the system do not lead to unnecessary limitations or even failure of the entire system. Our many years of experience help us to play through scenarios and determine the limitations under which the bridge can still be operated. We then create the software based on this concept, which ensures that all the specific features are taken into account.


Experience shows that the remaining work and commissioning of electrical engineering work collide with the remaining work being performed by other trades. Being confronted by these overlaps is not uncommon for us. This is good, because it means that our employees have a diverse range of experience in dealing with other trades. Reaching agreements, coordinated action and adhering to specified times prevents delays and ensures the other trades are not impaired in their work.


Open bascule bridge Mainz Zollhafen

Bascule bridges and their special features

Planning to build a bascule bridge with a finger lock? Our experience in connecting the flap latch and threading the flap fingers makes us your first port of call when it comes to bascule bridges. Our employees approach their work with precision and extreme accuracy when performing this challenging task. We are also highly familiar with the type of bascule bridge that trains cross and have experience in their lighting, safe signal exchange and leakage current.

approaching bascule bridge albatros mexico

Our services:


We are also more than happy to develop special solutions for special operating and environmental variables. In such cases, we combine our skills with the ambition required for achieving sustainable solutions with lasting and convincing results. We look forward to receiving your project enquiry on +49 9302 931 856 or by email at

PLC programming projects we have completed:

Bascule bridges

Lift bridges

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