References: These are our projects



Regardless of whether it is a sea lock or an inland lock, with or without a savings basin, with a sliding gate, a mortising gate, a folding gate or a lifting gate – we are your partner for planning electrical engineering.

Weir systems

As experts in electrical engineering, we plan the technical equipment for inflatable weirs as well as for weir systems with tension segments, pressure segments, contactors, etc.

Movable bridges

We plan the electrical engineering for movable bridges, whether lifting bridges, bascule bridges, swing bridges, etc.

Ship lifts

Ship lifts – we plan the electrical engineering required for these technological wonders.

Flood protection

We plan the electrical and control technology for flood protection systems and ensure high availability through several fallback levels.


Movable bridges

We program the control and develop the visualization for movable bridges (lift bridges, bascule bridges, swing bridges, etc.)

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